Ready to Boss Up?

Hands On Lash Training

Become a Certified Lash Tech

My lash class includes a premium lash kit that contains all materials you will need, including a lash bed, eye pads, tweezers, lashes, adhesives, etc. This 2 day training also provides lunch. Our eyelash extension classes are held in a casual environment, and a small class size enables personalized and individualized training for each student, making it easier to master basic and more advanced techniques. Each student that successfully completes this program will earn a Certificate.

Lash Isolation & Attachment

We'll cover isolation methods, tweezer handling, styling, mapping, and adhesive techniques.

Safety & Sanitation

Safety first! We'll cover best practices for safety and sanitation, lash aftercare and removal.

Lash Business Starter Kit

You'll leave class with all equipment and supplies you need to serve your first 20 clients.

Marketing & Branding Tips

I'll share everything I know about branding and marketing in order to build my clientele from the ground up.

So How Much Money Can I Really Make?

You can easily earn six-figures with just 4 clients per day, here's how:


Disclaimer: Income results can vary based on effort, time, and commitment to your new career.

Over 100 Lash Techs Trained & Certified

Lash Kits are Included

Practice Mannequin

Certifications Upon Completion

Future Boss in the Making

Hands On Training with Live Models

Real Training = Real Success

Lash Class Packages

a $250 Deposit is Required for all Classes

Intro to Classic Lashing

2 Days

Tweezer Mastery

Proper Adhesive Techniques

Proper Placement

Aftercare & Removal


Volume Workshop

1 Day

Diameters & Length

Premade and Handmade Fans

Mega Volume & Russian Volume

Aftercare & Removal


Classic & Volume

2 Days

Best of Both Worlds

Everything from Classic Lashing

Everything from Volume

Advanced Lash Queen Techniques